A New EMER Generation: emerglobal.com

The Edinburgh Middle East Report is entering a new era. Yet again, EMER's climb through the ranks of well-established publications has reached new heights. Our readers have long followed up-to-date events in the Middle East here, at emeronline, but now EMER has a new home: emerglobal.com.

EMER's rise from a small A5, black and white publication to the glossy magazine published last year has been fast and has taken many by surprise. Yet neither has one ounce of the scholarly rigour that fuelled the early editions, nor the internationalism of its contributors and readers, been lost on the way.

Now, EMER has taken its greatest step and broken out onto the international plane in a new guise: EMERglobal. Providing clients with Briefings, Archive access, Alerts and a range of other services, we urge our readers to follow us across the web to EMER's online international edition at emerglobal.com.


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